Visa users will be able to pay with cryptocurrencies anywhere. It will allow you to pay with cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world. In businesses that accept Visa, even if they do not accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

The tens of millions of people with crypto assets deposited in regulated digital wallets will now be able to pay with those cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world thanks to the agreement between Visa and more than 50 cryptocurrency exchanges.

The exchange crypto are currency exchange services that allow you to buy, sell and transfer criptomonedas and make the change from traditional currencies . Among the platforms that have partnered with Visa is Coinbase, the most popular and familiar to users.

This alliance will facilitate the conversion and spending of cryptocurrencies in 70 million businesses worldwide that accept Visa, even if they do not accept cryptocurrencies as payment. This is because Visa is the one in charge of making the change from cryptocurrency to fiat currency or the other way around.

Almost a traditional coin
In the first half of 2021, more than a billion dollars was spent on Visa cards linked to cryptocurrencies. Also, many of Visa’s bank cards belong to crypto exchanges .

Having the backing of Visa will allow cryptocurrencies to position themselves as a payment method , as a traditional currency, and not just as an investment service.

Visa’s bet follows in the footsteps of Mastercard and Paypal, who, in recent months, have also adopted payment with cryptocurrencies.

Trends to come
Cryptocurrency platforms are diversifying to meet consumer needs, with new tools and features spanning savings accounts, loans, and direct deposits .

On the other hand, with more than $ 100 billion in stablecoins in circulation and hundreds of billions traded each month on public blockchains , stablecoins are beginning to deliver on the promise of “digital fiat” : the easy-to-use characteristics of cryptocurrency. develop, combined with the reliability of fiat-backed reserves.

In addition, digital wallets and cryptocurrency platforms are betting on building payment products entirely with digital currency .

By Sam Rak

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