CNN reporter Clarissa Ward , who in recent days has shown on the street the situation in Afghanistan after the Taliban took power , was evacuated on Friday in one of the US planes that left Kabul with destination to Doha, in Qatar.

Ward’s chronicles have portrayed during these days the desperation of the Afghan population trying to get to the Kabul airport to flee the country, and while carrying out his work he even came face to face with the Taliban who asked him to cover the face to address them.

CNN’s @ClarissaWard reports on the hurdles Americans and Afghans have been facing trying to get to Kabul’s airport as Taliban fighters attempt to block access with gunfire and violence.

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  • CNN (@CNN) August 19, 2021
    This Friday, the American journalist shared a photograph taken from inside one of the military planes that took her out of the country, full of people. “On our flight and preparing for takeoff,” Ward wrote on Twitter.

On our flight and getting ready for takeoff

  • Clarissa Ward (@clarissaward) August 20, 2021
    Hours later, Ward announced his arrival in Qatar. “I just landed in Doha with the team and almost 300 Afghan evacuees . Many thanks to all of you for your support and concern, to the United States Air Force for taking us out and to Qatar for welcoming us. We are fortunate, ” he said. .

Just landed in Doha with the team and nearly 300 Afghan evacuees. Huge thanks to all of you for your support and concern, to the US Air Force for flying us out and to Qatar for welcoming us. We are the lucky ones.

  • Clarissa Ward (@clarissaward) August 21, 2021
    The Kabul airport has been in absolute chaos for days , with thousands of people trying to enter the facility to be evacuated by plane.

Armed clashes at the gates of the airport compound have continued, as the US military decides when and how to open and close the gates without a pattern, which is further unnerving Afghans waiting to enter.

While waiting at the airport to leave, Ward also told on Twitter how the situation was lived there: “The fourth bird that we were supposed to go up in has just been removed. It will be a long night here, especially for those with whom we are talking and who have been here since last night. A woman just asked me for a blanket, so I gave her my scarf, “the journalist said on the social network.

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